Under Armor's latest shoes are soft and smart

New shoes are configured for performance first

Under Armour is taking a new approach to its third generation of smart shoes. It's putting performance over smart features, which might be the best approach.

Lighter wearable

Under Armour’s Hovr system is the brand’s own proprietary cushioning that is designed to be super soft. However it won’t be any less responsive, allowing for quicker turnover as well as shock absorption. There’s also 3D-molded foam In the midfoot as well as heel.

The Phantom model is primarily geared at comfort but is also durable with a 3D-molder chamois fabric upper that molds to your foot and is still longlasting. The Sonic model is more for endurance, with 3D-molded sock liners that will fit to your foot while giving extra support.

Besides the construction, the new shoes will have connectivity. Though you can choose to opt for a non-connected model. Under Armour is rolling out its updated MapMyRun platform which will display stats when paired with the Hovr shoes, such as cadence and stride length.

Prices for the Sonic will be US$100 (S$130) for the non-connected model and US$110 (S$145) for a connected pair, while the Phantom model will be more expensive – US$130 (S$170) non-connected and US$140 (S$185) for the smart version. Expect them out by 1 February 2018.

[Source: Men's Health]