Uh-oh, Uber, here comes ComfortDelGro-approved Karhoo

Is this the cab app we’ve all been waiting for?

It seems like a new taxi-booking/ride-sharing app pops up every five minutes. But this is different. 10-month-old startup Karhoo is charging into the market and partnering local taxi giant ComfortDelGro.

Karhoo isn’t like every other taxi booking app; it will actually let users compare fares, time of arrival, and vehicle type across companies so you can make a well-informed cab-booking decision. Aside from Singapore, the ambitious app’s also got its sights set on London and New York.

Instead of building a fleet of individual drivers, it’s leveraging on cab companies and their existing drivers, meaning it could be the one platform to meet all your cab requirements. But we’ll hold off on our verdict until we find out how the app works as the site isn’t exactly generous with details.

Partnering with a giant isn’t a formula for success, just look at Hailo (who worked with SMRT), but it’s definitely acceleration in the right direction. We look forward to welcoming you to Singapore in January and finding out exactly how you work, Karhoo.

Source: Straits Times