UBTech rolls out its robots in Singapore

One's a miniature Baymax, the other is whatever you want it to be

If you’ve watched Disney’s Big Hero 6, you would’ve remembered the big and lovable Baymax. While it was more than twice the size of a human being, it was the main character’s trusty companion.


Now it seems like Singaporeans can get a similar robot in their households but don’t worry, it won’t take up much space.

On 17 March, UBTech Robotics introduced the Alpha1 Pro Humanoid Robot in Singapore.

The Alpha 1 Pro is a household programmable robot which can be used for both education and entertainment purposes. It can be programmed to do dance moves, choreograph and even make kung-fu moves.

You can programme it to do anything you want via an app that’s available for iOS and Android devices. With its 16 high-precision servo motors, the Alpha1 Pro can reproduce all human movements. So yes, the robot can dab.

But if dancing isn’t your cup of tea, you can try competing in push ups with it. Hopefully your robotic training partner will help you get gold for your upcoming IPPT.

Alpha1 does so much more like telling stories, fighting with other Alpha1s and introduces programming to your kids.

However, its hardware is pre-built and mainly customizable in terms of software. So if you’re looking for a robot that triggers a little more creativity, perhaps UBTech’s second robot might find its way into your car’s trunk.

Life to your Legos

Jimu is an interactive robotic building block that not only allows kids to program the robot, but to build it themselves too.

It comes in five different kits with each allowing you to build it into at least two different kinds of robots they have pre-designed. But of course you don’t always have to follow the rules and you build whatever you want.

UBTech claims that Jimu engages kids to to learn through STEM (science, technology, engineering arts and math).

In addition, you can mix and match with other Jumi sets as all the parts are interchangeable. All you need is a little imagination.

The Jimu and Alpha1 Pro are available now starting at S$229 and S$899 respectively.