UberEats' delivery area expands to Tampines

Finally, the heartlands is getting a slice of Uber's delivery pie

Were you one of the disappointed ones when you realised UberEats didn't deliver to your area upon launch? We know we were.

Thankfully, their delivery area is getting larger and expanding to outside of the CBD. They're now delivering to Tampines which is being launched as an independent cluster and will run its own infrastructure. Which means delivery partners within Tampines will deliver only to places within Tampines. 

Why though? It's a matter of making sure your food gets delivered to you in under 30 minutes the way it was meant to be devoured. 

We took a gander at the list of restaurants and there's everything from Gongcha to Monster Curry. With no minimum order and delivery charge, the deal is made even sweeter with S$10 off your first order with the promotional code TAMPINESEATS. The code is available until 31 December for people ordering for the first time. 

Here's hoping that UberEats gets delivering to the other areas of Singapore sooner rather than later. We think Tuas could use some food delivery help in particular. And maybe, just maybe, can UberEats also include Haidilao in its list of restaurants?