Uber Singapore is back with free rides and more cars than before

Didn’t get to claim your ride last time? You can try again today
Uber is back with free rides island-wide and more cars than before

Were you disappointed by the lack of Uber cars in your vicinity the last time?

So were we. But guess what? We have another chance to turn things around today, 23 October, as the ride-sharing company has generously announced another day of free rides on their blog.

Did someone say free rides?

Uber Singapore is back with free rides and more cars than before

Knew that would get your attention. This time, the offer is slightly different though and applies only for uberTAXI trips. Also, each ride is free up to S$35, so don’t be thinking you can cruise around Singapore for fun or drop a million friends off on your way.

But you’re still allowed two rides between 12am and 11.59pm anywhere today, 23 October. The cancellation fee of S$2 still applies though; no fishing for a uberTAXI for fun.

You might get the chance to make the most of Uber’s generosity this time since you have some time to plan your strategy (download the iOS/Android/Windows Phone app and especially since Uber has stated they’ve got more cars on board this time.

Even with potential disappointment looming, there’s really no harm in trying, right? You’ve got 24 hours to try your luck, or rather 23 hours and 59 minutes to be exact.