Uber fares more transparent now with upfront pricing

No more hidden costs and surprise surges

Ever taken an Uber ride only to realise (after checking your email two days later) that you paid almost double than what you thought? Yep, Uber fare surges are downright scary.

Fret not, intrepid rider, because come 31 August, all will be made clear. The transport giant is introducing upfront pricing to UberX, which will now display the full, final and guaranteed fare of your ride before you accept it.

The old system gave an approximation of the fare and then assaulted your eyeballs with a surge popup that demanded you do math on the spot to figure out what 2.75x of S$13.50 was. We’d usually just accept the ride and then regret all our life decisions later when the bill arrived.

Upfront pricing has been effective with UberPool for awhile now, and its extension to UberX will give riders more clarity when booking a ride. Once you enter your destination into the app, you’ll know exactly how much the ride will cost. Dynamic pricing that takes into account ride demand, traffic and tolls still exists though, but it will be displayed as a final fare so instead of seeing a surge multiplier, you’ll just see the full price.

Although if you’re planning to make multiple stops, note that the upfront pricing may not be honoured if significant changes are made to your trip route. In such cases, the app will calculate the fare based on time and distance.