Uber drivers in Singapore can now set their own destinations, like taxis

New feature can only be used twice a day

Uber used to be seen as the alternative to taxis that would only want to head in one direction. Well, sorry, now there are going to be Ubers who are not going to go your way, in Singapore as Uber now lets drivers set a destination. With caveats, of course.

This new feature will have some limitations. Drivers can only choose to use it twice a day and it resets at midnight every day. It's seen as a boon to drivers who sometimes have their own places to go to and going too far out of their way might be burdensome.

For passengers, it might not be a welcome development but as the feature is limited to only twice a day, it's unlikely they will encounter a scenario where Ubers are everywhere, but not going your way.

It is a feature still in testing and is set to roll out to all drivers in Singapore in the coming weeks. Uber has established that Singapore is an important market for the company, thus many new features will be tested out in the country.

While this will certainly be a sweetener for drivers, let's hope that Uber has features that will appeal to passengers as well. Perhaps insure passengers and drivers the way Grab does?

[Source: Techinasia]