Uber delivers just desserts with #UberIceCream

Need an ice cream to combat this heat? Uber away

You're craving something sweet and yet, that crazy hot weather outside the comforts of your air-conditioned office is stopping you from going out to get something? We’ve got the answer for your first world problem - Uber.

Or more specifically, #UberIceCream. The ride-sharing app is partnering RedMart for its ice cream delivery service. For S$15, you get four servings of ice cream delivered to you. You don't get to choose the flavours, the flavours choose you and that's part of the fun.  No cash exchanges hands, payment will be made via app.

All you have to do is start up your Uber app, set your location, key in your location and request ice cream. Once you see ice cream-bearing vehicles in the area, don’t hesitate. Hit that request button. If you’re lucky, you might even get your ice cream delivered via drone. You have until 5pm today to get ice cream or die trying. 

Unfortunately, it looks like no ice cream is available in our area (insert sad face). Which is no surprise given that we’re in an uber isolated area (pun intended).