Uber channels the Force with Star Wars: Rogue One tie-up

You might also get the chance to attend a free preview screening of the new film

It's the season for Star Wars promos and Uber is also getting in on the act.

From 12 December to 18 December, Uber and Disney are collaborating to transform your Uber app interface.

Hello, X-Wings


What happens is that you'll have to scroll over to where Uber's messages are, at the bottom of the screen. Swipe up and you'll see the Rogue One promo message - you'll have to click to Activate, as it's not automatic.

Once you activate, summoning rides will unlock exclusive video content for the first two rides. Besides the video, you will also see the cars on the Uber app displayed as iconic Star Wars ships.


On 14 December, Uber is also giving you and a friend the chance to catch a free preview screening of the film at The Cathay Platinum Suites. 

There are two screening times at 7pm and 9.50pm, so tap the On-Demand pop-up at the bottom of the app from 5pm to 9pm to request for the show. If available, an UberExec car will pick both of you up from anywhere in Singapore and take you directly to The Cathay Cineplex. 

The screening will include food and drinks, along with a gift bag of Rogue One premiums and a promo code to cover your ride home after the movie.

It's certainly cute and entirely optional so if you're not a Star Wars fan, you can just skip out on promo by choosing not to activate it.

Star Wars fans who are craving more Rogue One content will probably enjoy this -no need for an update or further downloads, just fire up the Uber app and it's done. We've tried it and it activates pretty quickly and is, as promised, pretty amusing.

As Rogue One opens 15 December in this part of the world, you could even Uber over to the cinema and pretend you're being taken there in an X-Wing. Happy Uber-ing and oh, don't forget to check out our Uber tips.

[Source: Uber]