Uber brings dinner to your door

The on demand taxi service celebrate the launch of Master Chef Asia by offering users free meals

It's pretty clear that the way to most Singaporeans' hearts is through their stomach and Uber have certainly gone for the gut with their latest promotion, created to celebrate the start of the first ever series of Masterchef Asia this Thursday night.

To make sure you're feeling sated before you sit down to watch the new cooking show, they've teamed up with healthy food delivery service Grain to bring you a free meal for four, without having to leave home.  What's more you can share it with friends as each order comes with the following four dishes to sample:

Grilled artichoke baked frittata, Bibimbap with grilled red chicken, tarragon yoghurt chicken on a spring vegetable salad and, for fans of all things Japanese, Unadon with baked nimono (that's vegetables simmered in stock to you and me). 

What's more it seems pretty simple to get hold of your #UberDINNER all you have to do is already be a member and follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Uber app this Thursday 3 Sept, between 7:00pm and 8:30pm,
  • Toggle over to the special ‘MasterChef Asia’ option that appears in the app, and request your meal,
  • They then promise to deliver the meal for four in time for the 9pm start of MasterChef Asia premier on Lifetime.

When we double-checked, Uber confirmed that there was no set limit to the number of meals they would be giving out so fingers crossed you shouldn't have to go hungry. Bon appetit!