True story, LG has made an OLED TV that's as thin as four stacked credit cards

Also true, a 4K TV that costs a mere S$1199 that adds to LG's bragging rights for 2016

If LG has reason to be proud, it's their Signature OLED TV that was unveiled at CES 2016.

Measuring 2.57mm thin, one can consider this as a technological marvel. Yes, we know, you can't exactly fit this thin OLED TV into your pocket. But hey, at least it'll look as though it's part of your wall decoration. Except for the fact that it's going to amaze your visual senses with blacks colours that make even a black hole look bright.

The 4K TVs, available in either the already generously sized 65in version or the ginormous 77in model, are also packed with this year's buzzword - HDR, short for high dynamic range. While HDR content isn't readily available yet, at least you get to see native 4K content from streaming services such as Netflix or through upcoming 4K-capable players.

But hey, if you are more of a buy what you need person, the OLED TV 4K series will do just fine, which also has the same HDR capability of the Signature OLED TV.

Like its predecessors, the new LG TVs will be equipped with webOS 3.0, which really gives you more reason to sit in front of the panel and either binge watch videos on YouTube or get going with a game or two on the smart TV OS.

Besides the slim OLED range, two other lines will be available from now till the next quarter - the mid-range Super UHD TV 4K range and the more affordable UHD TV 4K range. The key difference between them is the use of 4K Quantum Display. To simpllify things, this means a wider range of colours, so you'll literally see 50 shades of grey on LG's new TVs.

Prices for the TVs start from S$1199 for the 43in LG UH650T that comes with almost everything you need in a TV. Of course, that 4K panel, a 2.0 ch speaker and the usual HDMI connections, all powered by webOS3.0 This model, and its larger siblings are available now, while its largest 75in version is slated for Q2.

For something in the mid-range section, the Super UHD TV 4K range starts from S$2199 for the 49in UH770T model. This, however, doesn't come with the 4K Quantum Display technology. Raise the stakes to S$2299 for the UH850T and you'll get that. Again, if size matters, the 86in UH950T will cost you a sweet S$19,999, or just pay S$1 to more to make it an even S$20,000.

For the OLED TV range, it starts with the 55in OLED C6 at S$6799, and is just a dollar shy from the S$10,000 mark for the 65in OLED E6 model.

Go for broke and you're aiming at the Signature OLED G6 TV, which starts from S$12,999 (ouch!) for the 65in version and moving upwards to S$41,999 for the 77in model. There will be a longer wait for the high-end models, ranging between Q2 to Q3 of 2016.