TPG Telecom is officially Singapore’s fourth telco

Does this mean our dreams of unlimited data are shattered?

We know what you’re thinking: “TPG Telecom, who?”

Welcome your new mobile overlords operators. The Australian telecommunications company has won the rights to become Singapore’s fourth telco with their winning bid of S$105 million for the spectrum on offer.

They'll be provisionally awarded 60GHz of the spectrum band - 20MHz in the 900MHZ band and 40MHz in the 2.3GHz band - to provide street level 4G services within the 18 months, and road tunnels and in-building coverage within 30 months of the spectrum rights going live.

The news has largely been met with disappointment; it seems like the majority of the population has been rooting for the better known MyRepublic and their highly public promise of unlimited data for S$60 a month. But as Trump winning the US presidency has taught us, we just can't have nice things.  

In case you were wondering, MyRepublic came in narrowly behind with its bid of S$102.5 million. It really is unfortunate that we’ll never get to see if the outspoken local broadband company would disrupt the status quo by fulfilling their promise. Who knows though, TPG Telecom might surprise us with even better options come April 2017 when the spectrum rights kick in.

We live in hope. In the meantime, get familiar with TPG Telecom's logo, you'll be seeing a lot of it next year. 

Source: Channel NewsAsia