TP-Link enters the smartphone market with Neffos X Series

Phones set to be part of the company's smart home ecosystem concept later this year

Yes you read that right. TP-Link, the same company that probably makes your router and modem, is entering the smartphone market with its Neffos X1 and X1 Max. 

Yet another smartphone brand?

Hugo Cai, General Manager of TP-Link Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, describes the Neffos smartphones as part of TP-Link's venture into smart home technology. Being experts behind making ADSL and wireless routers means they can easily integrate their networking devices to the Neffos X series, making it possible to control any smart device by just using the Neffos smartphone. 

Think controlling your kitchen lights from the comfort of your bedroom. 

Pretty neat, but we'll only hear more about TP-Link's smart home concept come May.