Toshiba's new laptops have Skullcandy’s audio and 4K display quality

Toshiba pimps up its latest P and L series for a better sound and viewing system
Toshiba new laptops have Skullcandy’s audio and 4K-display quality

Toshiba’s integrating entertainment features into its latest laptops and making some big, bold moves to beat the pack and stand out.

It’s added to its L series line-up the 14in Satellite L40 and the 15.6in Satellite L50/L50D, as well as spruced up its P series with the new Satellite P50. But what sets these apart from their predecessors are their augmented image and audio attributes.

Toshiba’s inked a new strategic deal with audio expert, Skullcandy, for the Satellite L40. Skullcandy’s cans are known to be head turners for looks and head-boppers for music. So for Toshiba to incorporate it into its product line-up could make it a popular choice with the Skullcandy fan base.

Its other functionalities do not let it down either. The Satellite L Series is powered by a choice of Intel or AMD processors, has up to 4th generation Intel Core i7 processors, Quad Core APU with Radeon R5 Graphics, and an onboard storage capacity of up to 1TB.

All this is housed within a 24mm chassis that comes in two colours – Satin Gold or Black.

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What can you expect from the Satellite P50 series?

Toshiba new laptops have Skullcandy’s audio and 4K-display quality

As for the new Satellite P50 series, it screams detail and clarity due to its 4K Ultra HD display panel. According to Toshiba, it's also the world’s first to earn Technicolor Color Certification.

The 15.6in unit has a touchscreen display with anti-fingerprint coating, runs on an Intel 4th generation i7 Quad-Core processor, and is equipped with high-quality stereo speakers by Harman Kardon (which Toshiba has used on a few of its other laptops) amongst other features.

The P Series addition is currently available in Singapore from S$1999, while the L additions will be made available in the coming months for S$1399. Toshiba also unveiled entry level C Series models, which will soon be available from end June at S$699. 

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