TomTom's new sport watches in Singapore project lights into your vein and measure your blood flow

Fair warning, once you wear the Runner Cardio or Multi-Sport Cardio GPS sport watches, there's no reason to slack off during training
TomTom’s fitness watches are purely for cardio

You heard it here first. TomTom revealed its the Runner Cardio and Multi-Sport Cardio GPS sport watches in Singapore today. Time to say goodbye to those naggy personal trainers.

These fitness watches are all about heart rate technology. If you've been running or doing sports without knowing what the optimal heart rate zone is, these smart watches will help you.

Oh, and did we mention there isn’t a need for a separate chest strap? The sport watch has a built-in Mio optical heart rate sensor that monitor changes in your blood flow by projecting light into your veins to measure your heartbeat and provide you with the vital information you require.

Now, it might sound like a creepy medical device that belongs in a hospital, but it’s got some 0.99 accuracy against medical EKG equipment, so the technology seems pretty legit.

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Lets have a closer look..

TomTom’s fitness watches are purely for cardio

Using the Runner Cardio, you can train within the optimal heart rate zone by selecting one of five intensity zones that matches your training goals (which you’ll have to preset). If you need to either slow down or speed up, the Runner Cardio will helpfully alert you.

In additon to that, you’ll be able to see vital runner information, including your heart rate, distance and pace in real-time, at a glance while you run.

The Multi-Sport Cardio offers the same sort of information, but includes additional capabilities for cycling and swimming activities.

You can get your hands on the TomTom Runner Cardio and Multi-Sport Cardio GPS sport watches from leading local retailers, priced at S$449 and S$499 respectively.

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