TomTom's new Spark fitness watch makes you want to work out

Say goodbye to unsightly and uncomfortable heart rate measuring chest straps

Sometimes, you need that extra bit of nudge to get you going. That's where the TomTom Spark fitness watch comes in.

It's GPS-enabled, so it can track your steps accurately. And rather than strapping an elastic band onto your chest, the heart rate sensor is integrated into the watch.

How about a little music to keep the beat going? The higher-end Spark Cardio+Music has 3GB of internal storage that syncs with your iTunes or Windows Media Player. No messy wires either because you'll have to sync the watch to a Bluetooth headphone to pump the beat into your ear.

All that, packed into the watch so you won't have to bring along more weight that adds to your workout. Which, by the way, is not just about running and cycling. Track how well you've done in the pool, thanks to the watch's water resistance that handles up to 40m of water.

Indoor training is also aptly covered, so you can spend your time in the gym, lifting weights or doing the treadmill, and get a report on how well you've done. Or whether you've been slacking off.

Plus, there's five different models you can choose from. The most affordable one starts from S$249, which is the basic Spark GPS. Add a little music to your workout with the Spark Music version that goes for S$329.

To get heart rate monitoring at the same price, you can pick up the Spark Cardio version, and S$399 if you want the full work, including music playback. But if you're going for broke, add on a Bluetooth headphone, which brings the watch bundle to S$479.