Token is the one ring to secure them all

You can use the ring to unlock your phone and pay for things

A ring with biometric features and can be used to make payments? That's what Token promises

One wave

How does the ring work? It has a biometric sensor you unlock with a thumbprint before slipping it on and an optical proximity sensor to keep third parties from accessing your data. Basically, when you take it off, the ring locks itself so no one can just take the ring from you (cue Lord of the Rings jokes).

Token is envisioned as a replacement for passwords and can also be used to unlock cars, unlock your front door and make payments. You can use an app to sync your passwords and payment data to the ring, thus letting you keep your credit/debit cards at home, and make logging into online accounts easier.

How much for this? US$249 (S$345)  and it will only ship in December 2017, starting in the US. If you'd like to take a gamble on this being the next thing in biometrics, the official website is here for preorders and information on when it will be available globally.

[Source: Techcrunch]