From today, you can tap your smartphone to pay for MRT, LRT and bus rides

On top of that, you can also use your NFC-enabled phone to pay for purchases via EZ-Link

Soon, you won't be getting weird stares when you tap your phone to pay for your MRT, LRT or bus rides. Because it'll become the norm with the Transit NFC SIM, which will be available from Singtel, StarHub and M1.

The Transit NFC SIM is no different from your regular SIM card, it works perfectly fine with your phone. The only difference is that the NFC-enabled SIM card has an embedded EZ-Link purse and can be used in compatible NFC mobile phones. This includes the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Sony Xperia Z5. That's just the tip of the iceberg as more devices will be added to the list.

Besides paying for your commute, the Transit NFC SIM will also let you pay at shops that accept EZ-Link payments. In essence, this means you might truly go cashless as there are over 30,000 payment points in Singapore that accept EZ-Link.

Each telco will allow customers to swap their existing SIM cards with the new NFC SIM, though there will be a replacement fee which is the same as prevailing rates.

M1 has started the sales of the new Transit NFC SIM from today and will waive the registration fee of S$9.10 till 30 April. StarHub starts slightly later from 2 April, waiving the NFC EZ-Link purse fee of S$5, till further notice.

Singtel customers, however, will have to wait a while more. It'll roll out the new SIM cards from late April. Also, no S$5 NFC EZ-Link purse fee to pay too.

Additional text by Tein Hee Seow