There's so much tech on the new Maserati Ghibli, it'll make you swoon

Sleek, stylish, and tech-filled to make any true blue geek want one (if budget is of no concern)
There's so much tech on the new Maserati Ghibli, it'll make you swoon

We can’t believe a Maserati has only been featured once in a James Bond movie – and only as a passenger car. Seriously?

It’s high time a Maserati gets more screen time in the film, especially if it's one as teched out as the Maserati Ghibli.

The key feature of the E-segment, four-door sports executive sedan that'll appeal to any techie is its optional WLAN technology, which turns the car into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Yes, believe it. Just put a SIM card into its WLAN router to pick up a data connection, and it'll be rerouted around the car as a wireless Internet signal at your service. Three mobile devices can run simultaneously on the connection; now this is what we call a real mobile hotspot.

Also worth mentioning is its touch control (MTC) feature, with its 8.4in touch screen that lets you intuitively control all of the Ghibli’s onboard equipment, such as the radio, navigation, CD/DVD player, and Bluetooth mobile phone connections. MTC is also equipped with Aux-In, USB sockets, and a SD card reader that'll match any gadgets you own.

There's so much tech on the new Maserati Ghibli, it'll make you swoon

Another functionality that sets it apart is its Active Speed Limiter function. All the cars in the Ghibli range come pre-configured with this functionality, making it possible for you to enable and disable a maximum speed limit with the touch of a button on the steering wheel.

Oh sorry, did we forget to mention the Ghibli's actual car features? Guess we were too excited over how kitted out it is with tech. Motorheads, pay attention, this powerful machine comes with twin turbo v6 engine featuring the latest Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology, ZF eight speed automatic gearbox, and double wishbone suspension layouts.

And like all cars in Singapore, here comes the mood killer - prices for the Ghibli and Ghibli S start from S$340,000 and S$390,000 respectively (without COE). Factor in the exorbitant COE, and you're looking at a car that's reaching the half million mark.

But, if money's no object, you can get both the Ghibli and Ghibli S now, and tell everyone to make way for it. With a little pimp up, this hot number could potentially make it on the big screen.