That's no tablet, it's the 27in Lenovo Horizon 2 AIO, available in Singapore soon

The upgraded two-in-one multi-touch Windows 8 PC can be pre-ordered at Comex 2014
Singapore, welcome the Lenovo Horizon 2

Lenovo’s bringing in its Horizon 2 Windows 8 PC and by the looks of it, it’s an upgraded and slimmer version of its predecessor, with new and improved performance and smart features.  

The two-in-one, able to switch between an AIO desktop and large tablet mode, is a multi-touch device that's as thin as a deck of cards – the 27in unit now measures only 19.5mm and has shed off its weight to 7.6kg. The most impressive feature on it is its newly included near field communications (NFC) technology that enables it to interact with your other NFC-enabled devices through a single tap.

So for example, you can allow content to “fall” onto the Horizon 2’s screen by opening it on their Android devices and simply shaking it. Of course, you’ll need the Horizon mobile app for this to work. You can also place your smart device on the Horizon 2’s screen to “pull” out content from the PC’s display.

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Multi-touch and multi-featured

Singapore, welcome the Lenovo Horizon 2

It also boasts multi-user capabilities, which means that you can now share media with your friends or family more easily. You can pull content from each other, and since it’s got a 10-finger touch screen, you can edit pictures at the same time.

Its innards include a 1TB HDD, a faster Nvidia GeForce GT 840A 2GB graphics processor and 8GB of RAM to power through multi-tasking work, intensive gaming and photo editing.

Speaking of pictures, it’s got a new face-tracing feature that lets you upload a bunch of pictures from your smart device or camera and utilise the Aura interface to detect and recognise faces of the people on it.   

This device, which aims to provide a different digital content sharing experience, is available for S$2399, and can be pre-ordered at Comex 2014. 

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