Tap your EZ-Link card, get Perx points to redeem freebies

It’s a win-win situation since you’ll be tapping away on the bus or train every day

There’s no free lunch in this world. But there are free Perx points if you take a ride on a bus or MRT from today.

How? It’s a simple tap of your EZ- Link card. That, and linking the card’s unique 16-digit CAN ID number to your Perx account.

We sense some confusion over what Perx is, so spare us a few minutes. It’s essentially a loyalty card. Except instead of being a physical card, it’s an app on your smartphone. This makes sense, seeing how you might leave your loyalty card rather than your smartphone at home. And you probably won’t forget your EZ-Link card either, which makes these two a perfect match.

The collaboration between EZ-Link and Perx basically lets you earn 25 points for every ride you take. That is, if you’re using the normal card. A co-branded EZ-Link card, such as the POSB Everyday card, gets you 50 points.

The caveat? Glad you asked, because while you get to rack up points for every trip you pay with an EZ-Link card, it’s only usable with the merchants that tie up with both EZ-Link and Perx. In other words, you won’t be able to use it across every other merchant that appears on the Perx app.

Still, this doesn’t negate the fact that you are getting some discounts just for going about your daily task. Albeit, the list of merchants isn’t insanely huge, which includes stores such as Watsons, online stores HipVan and Zalora and delivery service GoGoVan to name a few.

“The list doesn’t end there, and is expected to grow based on Perx’s recommendation and driven by EZ-Link,” said Perx CEO Anna Gong. Perx also recently launched in Hong Kong, though it can’t confirm if it’ll also be working with the city’s Octopus payment system just yet.

One more thing…

Yes. It’s a Hello Kitty charm. No, we’re not kidding.

These charms, which cost S$24.90 a piece, are also EZ-Link cards. Well, except it’s not in the shape of a card. Hang it on your smartphone and it’ll be the closest you can get to using your mobile phone to tap and ride.

Just remember to add value into the EZ-Link charm since it doesn’t include any stored credits in the card. And, it’s only valid for two years.

As to whether there’ll be more charms outside of the Hello Kitty range, EZ-Link was unable to comment. Though we would love it if DC Comics super heroes, which have already appeared on limited edition EZ-Link cards, would make the jump to this new form factor.