The Tamagotchi returns to prove that you’re still as inept at keeping it alive

Cue recurring nightmares of digital poop

Surprise! The Tamagotchi is back again to remind you of your early failings as a pet owner.

Bandai is reviving the Tamagotchi 20 years after it first tested everyone’s patience with its constant need for attention. Through the years, there have been remakes but this is the real deal - the original version in all its new-old glory.

What’s new about the Tamagotchi? Physical size only, it seems. Just like the shrinking smartphones of our time, the digital pocket pet is half the size of the original (so you can easily hide the fact that you have one). There are still the same three buttons for you to feed, bathe, and neglect your pet with.

You get the same six original characters and same lack of colour to take you back in time. Just remember you don’t have to look out for a lurking teacher just waiting to confiscate your tech toy. Relax, you’re safe now.

Given how much we tend to our smartphones these days, we might actually make a better go of this pet business this time around. If you want one, you’re going to have to get it from Japan for JPY2000 (S$25). The 20th anniversary edition of the Digimon might be more attainable though.