For the tall and heavy gamers, the Secretlab Titan awaits

Built for titans who are tall and lean on the heavier side

Saying you've sat on a titan sounds mighty impressive. But what's even more impressive is how you'll never want to lift your butt off the Secretlab Titan.

With its launch in Singapore from 2 June, the Titan gaming chair will be the largest member of the Secretlab family. Just as its name implies, it's meant for giants measuring up to 195cm and weighing 130kg who'll struggle to fit in the earlier Omega and Throne series.

While the Titan's design borrows heavily from its Omega sibling, the one stark difference is in the larger but less contoured sided seat base to fit wider butts. Likewise, the backrest has also been extended and the cushioning of the Titan is now a thicker and firmer core of cold-cure foam to provide better support for heavier loads.

Exclusive to the Titan is an integrated adjustable lumbar support, allowing you to adjust the backrest's support to conform to varying spines. In short, you won't need a cushion to keep your back and spine comfortable and snug on the Titan.

At launch, the upsized gaming chair will be retailing at a special price of S$599. Secretlab is taking pre-orders via their online store from 2 June, with the first shipment expected to arrive from early July. Don't dawddle though because it'll revert to its regular price of S$699 at any time.