Take a good look, this might be your next MacBook Air

Spyshots have leaked on the web, showing off the purported device’s exterior
Take a good look, this might be your next MacBook Air

This is the lead we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve been bogged with speculations of a new MacBook Air (due sometime this year), but no one’s actually seen the unit in the make, until now.

A handful of pictures of what is said to be the 12in MacBook Air have made their way online, thanks to Chinese blog iFanr. And these pictures not only show off the unit in all its glory, it’s also been pictured alongside Apple’s official 13in MacBook Air and iPad Air 2.

Obviously, the difference in size is visible. In the images, the lid of the alleged 12in has been pit against that of the 13in MacBook Air’s as well as its keyboard. In addition, the 9.7in iPad Air 2 was placed atop this unofficial unit, showing how much larger it will be.

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Seriously thin...

Take a good look, this might be your next MacBook Air

It’s also evident from another picture that the lid of the unit might be slightly thicker than the iPad Air 2, which comes in at 6.1mm thin. So we think that the width of the entire MacBook might be about 7in in total, but it’s too hard to tell just by looking at these shots.

Another feature that was prevalent in the pictures was the Apple logo – it was of the same glossy make as the one you find on the iPad Air, rather than the illuminated-when-on ones on its current MacBook Air range.

But since previous reports have indicated that Apple could be tweaking its logo on all its future laptops to match that of its iPad range, it comes to us as no surprise that the device will sport this look.

We’re hoping to get more spyshots of the unit in the coming weeks, so we’ll have a better indication of what’s to come. Keep reading this space for more news. 

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[Source and images: Business Insider]