Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin leaks iPhone 5C image

A bona fide budget plastic iPhone has been caught on camera by a Taiwanese celeb. Talk about a publicity stunt
Apple iPhone 5C

A pretty convincing photo of an iPhone 5C has been spotted online by Ubergizmo. It was posted on social network Weibo by Jimmy Lin – a famous Taiwanese actor, singer and pro racing driver. Now he can add 'phone holder' to that already rather too lengthy list.

The alleged 5C appears to be genuine and features the standard certification logos on the bottom which grace the back of all genuine Apple products, and its design is consistent with the other leaked images we've seen so far. The 5C is expected to be a cheaper alternative to the forthcoming iPhone 5S, using a plastic body in place of the aluminium that's become an Apple's trademark.

iPhone 5S comparison

A shot of the iPhone 5C next to the iPhone 5 gives us a sense of scale and it seems to be the most convincing shot of the budget iPhone we've seen yet.

Although only the white model is shown, leaks of coloured buttons support the rumours that the iPhone 5C will arrive in a multitude of bright hues to appeal to the masses.

The iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S are expected to make their on-stage debuts on 10 September, so stay tuned for more info leading up to the big day.

(via Ubergizmo)