Super Mario Run makes official debut on Android

UPDATE: Game out now on Google Play so get to downloading. iOS players will get new game features

It took awhile but Android users will soon have Super Mario Run to look forward to as well as another Nintendo title.

Super Mario Run is set to debut on Android sometime in March, with Fire Emblem Heroes due on 2 February, next month.

UPDATE 23/3/2017: Mario fans looking for fun on Google Play can now rejoice as the game is now out on Android and you can download it here.

For current iOS players, the game has been updated with different coloured Yoshis in the following colours: purple, yellow, red and blue. To get more Toads of a certain colour in Toad Rally, all you need to do is play Toad Rally with a Yoshi of the colour you want.

Also new in the iOS version: Bowser's Challenges, which offers the chance to unlock course 1-4 by fighting with Bowser. Additional buildings will be added soon.


Nintendo fever

It's a good year for Nintendo as far as publicity is concerned. The Nintendo Switch console will be out 3 March, but the Fire Emblem: Heroes game will be a good distraction while waiting for the Switch.

The game is a turn-based tactics RPG that allows players to collect iconic heroes from the Fire Emblem series. It seems as though it might be a free download as the game includes in-app transactions to purchase orbs to summon their characters.

So it's not a direct port of a Fire Emblem game, but much like Super Mario Run is a mobile-optimised extension of current Nintendo titles.

As for Android users, you can get a notification for when Super Mario Run will be available by signing up here as well as for Fire Emblem here.

Check out our review of Super Mario Run to help you decide if it's worth a go.

UPDATE 1/2/2017: Nintendo just Tweeted that an update for Super Mario Run is now out, with an Easy Mode. This mode, Nintendo says, is to make the game 'pressure-free'. Or perhaps it's a way to get more people to pay money to unlock the full version. Though it has been downloaded 78 million times, only 5 percent opted to pay for the game though Nintendo did still make ¥6 billion (S$75 million). And a reminder: Fire Emblem Heroes will be out tomorrow so clear some space on that phone, Nintendo fans.

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