Stunning hyperlapse video proves Singapore is light years ahead of every other city

Just in case you forgot how beautiful Singapore can be

No matter the country you're flying back from, you'll always get the feels when you see the recognisable glow of city lights as your plane approaches Singapore.

Now revisit the glittering lights of the city in all its glory in this amazing video shot by local media company TriPeaks Imagery. Shot with mostly Canon gear, this 3-minute long video claims to be the first night hyperlapse (think timelapse with longer camera movements) film of Singapore. We love how the film included peeks into the heartlands and gave HDB flats a much-deserved share of the spotlight too.

If you like what you see, hit them up for more views of Singapore, as you’ve never seen her. Perhaps someone should consider approaching these guys to make better non-cheesy National Day videos.

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Graphicity - The First Night Hyperlapse film of Singapore from Tripeaksimagery on Vimeo.

Source: Sploid

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