Stuff Social goes to the movies with Samsung and Harvey Norman

You've missed out on a fantastic X-Men: Days of Future Past screening on Samsung's latest SUHD TVs

Seeing is believing, so we figure it's better for you to experience the new Samsung SUHD TVs with your own eyes.

Lest you forget, we don't do boring stuff here. Because to us, our kind of weekend is one which has us kicking back in the sofa, nibbling on snacks and watching a movie over the weekend.

That's exactly the weekend experience we brought to our readers at the latest Stuff Social event. With the help of Samsung and Harvey Norman, we hosted a free screening of X-Men: Days of Future Past right outside Harvey Norman's store at Millenia Walk.

We hate to be the ones to tell you this, but you've missed an awesome session if you forgot to RSVP for it. And really, these people who thoroughly enjoyed themselves are just rubbing it in.

The lucky readers who came for the screening got a taste of what it's like to gaze upon Samsung's Quantom Dot Display technology on the new SUHD TVs with an actual movie. Colours, details and seeing for themselves the boundless, sleek design of the 4K TVs were an experience on its own.

If you missed this, fret not. We are always cooking up new ideas for the next event. Keep a close watch here and on our Facebook page for our next Stuff Social.