Stream your face to a Mini covered in LEDs

Why? Because Art, that's why.
Mini Art Beat

Mini's full of ideas at the moment.

While some of them are pretty practical – like its trio of cars kitted out for camping – others are pure artistic indulgence, like the Mini Art Beat car seen here.

Mini's taken one of its Countryman cars and slapped 48,000 LEDs across its bodywork, letting the public change the design of the car and stream their creations directly to it. 

The art of the matter

Mini Art Beat

Pop along to the Mini Art Beat site and pick out a bodywork pattern and a musical beat, then submit a video or photo and your creation will roam the streets of London, plastered all over a moderately sized car.

Daft? Yes. Annoying to passersby? Probably. But the idea of LED bodywork isn't bad – imagine being able to change the colour of your car like you change your socks.

[Source: Designboom]