Still no sign of the Xbox One in Singapore, but there's some goodies from Microsoft

Before its arrival, we bring (somewhat) good news to lessen the pain from the long wait
Still no sign of the Xbox One in Singapore, but there's some goodies from Micros

If you haven’t heard, Microsoft’s Xbox One won’t be available in Singapore till September. Boooo.

For now, if you bought an Xbox One outside of Singapore, its warranty doesn’t cover repair services here. Yet. But Stuff understands that this won’t be a huge issue once the next-gen console is officially launched in Singapore.

Given how Microsoft has a limited international warranty for its products, as long as it’s available in the country of repair, this should apply to the Xbox One when it’s available in Singapore.

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Features to look out for

Not all Xbox One features will be available at launch, but basic services such as Skype will be preloaded within the console. Its fitness service Xbox Fitness is also available and we were surprised at how accurately the improved Kinect sensor can track your pulse and heart rate. Dubbed Xbox Fitness, it’s free for Xbox Live Gold users until the end of the year.

Which is great if you’ve been an early adopter, but by the time you get the Xbox One after its launch in Singapore, you have three (or even less) months to try this fitness feature for free.

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Winning over its Xbox fans

Winning over its Xbox fans

Meanwhile, if you’re an existing or new Xbox Live Gold user, you’re in the running for the Xbox Live Gold Rush contest, which runs from now till 30 June. And apparently, you just have to keep playing to stand a chance to win.

Each week, one Xbox Live Gold user will stand a chance to win a 12-month Gold subscription worth S$88 and a S$60 gift card, and there’s eight weeks to go. There’ll also be one winner who’ll win US$5000 worth of prizes, which includes a 100g Gold Bar, a Titanfall Collector's Edition for Xbox 360, an Xbox 360 Special Edition Chrome series controller (Gold), and an Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Subscription Card.

Yes, it’s still an Xbox 360, but hey, better than nothing, right? Plus, that Xbox Live Gold 12-month subscription card also works for Xbox One, so all’s not lost if you save it for Microsoft’s new gaming console.

If you prefer to be a lone wolf and play on your own, you won’t need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. But if you’re feeing lonely and want to frag someone in Titanfall, then you’ll need to fork out S$7.40 a month before you can climb into that mech and crush your enemies with those big, cold metal fists.