SteelSeries goes old school with their Stratus Wireless Game Controller

Loved Sega much SteelSeries? Their 1980s looking Stratus Wireless Game Controller will turn your iDevice into a gaming machine

Touchscreens are generally worthless as gaming interfaces (unless you're a Candy Crush fiend that is) and stuff like Logitech PowerShell or Moga just makes your iDevice unwieldly. Give us a good gamepad anyday and you'll see us rack up scores on our iDevice to the high heavens. Apparantely, SteelSeries has the same idea and it seems they took a bit of a design inspiration from Sega.

Their Stratus Wireles Game Controller uses Bluetooth instead of snapping on to your iDevice, which makes it one of those few accesories you can actually bring over to your new iDevice, should you upgrade next year (which we're sure you will). So what does it offer? There's bevy of buttons – four pressure sensitive buttons up front, four shoulder triggers, dual analog sticks and a four-way d-pad. It'll last you pretty long too. A single charge of the Stratus will give you a 10 hour gameplay, which might actually last you longer than what your iDevice can give you.

It's already available for pre-order on the SteelSeries site, from around US$100 (S$127) right here.