StarHub's new postpaid plans give you unlimited weekend data

Expect faster speeds with StarHub's network upgrade

If you use up your data quota on the weekends, then StarHub is going to make your day. The telco is now offering unlimited data on the weekends as well as upgrading its network speeds to 400Mbps, thanks to its new 1Gbps network.

Data freedom

Starting from 12am on Saturdays to 11:59pm on Sundays, users will be able to enjoy unlimited data. As for the plans, there are five plans to choose from: XS, S, M, L, and XL with 2GB, 4GB, 5GB, 8GB and 15GB quotas respectively. Free talktime is capped to 200 minutes and 400 minutes respectively for the XS and S plans while the other plans enjoy unlimited talk time.

How much for the privilege? For two-year contracts with a subsidised mobile, it's S$48 for the XS, S$68 for the S, S$88 for the M, S$108 for the L and S$238 for the XL. Opt for no contract and the price is reduced to (respectively) S$24, S$34, S$44, S$54, and S$119. SMS is priced 5.35 cents per SMS but the XL plan gets unlimited texts.

Check out the pricing table for the plans, which go live 31 August 2017 (tomorrow). The plans can either be bought online or at your nearest StarHub dealer.