StarHub’s DataTravel add-on gives you 2GB mobile data across multiple countries for only S$15

Travel without worrying about ridiculous phone bills

Having access to the Internet is a huge deal whilst travelling.

But instead of ducking into random restaurants every now and then hoping to latch onto some spotty Wi-Fi, or buying a SIM card for a specific country you might never visit again — wouldn’t it be great to have roaming data, minus the exorbitant fees?

StarHub’s new DataTravel plan gives you just that. Postpaid customers can add on 2GB of data at S$15 for 30 days of use whether within a single country or across multiple destinations. Need more data? Add S$5 to bump it up to 3GB for just S$20.

Countries covered by the plan include Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and The Philippines, with more destinations to be added in the coming months.

DataTravel automatically connects your phone to the strongest available mobile network signals in whichever country you’re visiting, so you don’t have to manually search for a specific mobile network

As an added safeguard, you’ll receive a series of SMS notification before your DataTravel plan expires, or when it depletes to 500MB and below. And if you find yourself needing more data, you can activate an additional 2GB or 3GB and any unused data will be carried forward for another 30 days of use.

To activate, SMS DT2 or DT3 to 6818 to instantly add a 2GB or 3GB DataTravel plan, even if you’re overseas. The plan is only billed when you buy it, and free of any additional monthly subscription or activation fee.