StarHub's DataShare ensures excess data doesn't go to waste within the family

Don’t have enough data? Say no more, fam

Fact: Some people need more data than others. And that’s why StarHub is launching DataShare to make sure excess mobile data doesn’t go to waste when your family members can use it instead.

How does it work? It means that if you have a generously-sized data bundle, including upsized options, you can share it across multiple mobiles lines that are tied to the same billing account. It’s limited to the numbers that are attached to the StarHub account from which you want to share the data of. Also, data you’re sharing is capped at 12GB.

For example, if you have 21GB of data, you can only share a maximum of 12GB data. you could share 3GB with your wife, 6GB with your son, and 3GB with your daughter. And that amount of data is adjustable from month to month. Subsequently, should you find that their usage varies, you can then share 4GB with your wife, 5GB with your son, and 3GB with your daughter.

Just make sure they’re in 1GB denominations when you have to make that call before the end of the billing month.

The DataShare add-on is available for postpaid customers (4G, 4G SIM Only, SurfHub and HomeHub Go subscribers) and will cost just S$2.14 for the promotional period (U.P. S$10.70) from 1 June. It doesn’t matter how much data and how many people you share with, it will stay at the same flat fee with no activation fee necessary.

So if someone in your family isn’t using up all his 21GB, you know how to help. Make DataShare happen for your family through the My StarHub app or My Account on the site