StarHub names the inaugural Southeast Asia Pacific Mobile App Challenge winners

26 regional teams fought hard for the coveted title
StarHub names its inaugural Southeast Asia Pacific Mobile App Challenge winners

They came from all over the Asian region and they all battled hard to win, but only one could be named the winner of the Southeast Asia Pacific Mobile App Challenge. And that team was Claco Music from Taiwan.

Claco Music beat 25 other teams from eight countries in Southeast Asia, with their music training app. It’s basically one that enables students to practise on their instruments with the help of backing music accompaniment.

Erdo from Taiwan came in second place, with their music player app that measures the quality of the user’s hearing, then plays music tracks that are optimised for his/her hearing capability.

Jetbay from China was named third – its solution’s a travel research and booking platform for China that also provides travellers with information such as what to do and where to go in the country.

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But there was no shortage of local talent too. Singapore was represented by three teams at the app challenge. Team FrontRunner created a real-time social network for investors and traders to discuss ideas and listen to commentary podcasts from experts. These experts could then provide instant analysis to help them stay ahead of market movements.

Team AppWiz created an eCommerce software that creates, integrates, and synchronises e-commerce websites, mobile apps, and social media marketing from a single platform. The last, team Protégé, created a mentoring management software so that companies, educational institutions, and NGOs can help run mentorship programmes effectively.   

Claco Music, Erdo, and Jetbay will move on to the World Grand Finals, where they will compete with the Arab and European Mobile App Challenge winners at GSMA Mobile World Congress at Barcelona this March.

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