StarHub introduces bigger data top-up options without contract

Can’t survive on a mere 3GB a month? You can lower charges for excess data usage with these new options

Gone are the days of 12GB data plans (unless you pay a premium). And there’s really nothing much you can do about it if you’ve opted for a smaller data bundle in exchange for faster 4G speeds.

Once you get used to that fact, we can talk about options. As users who regularly exceed our data limits, we’ve been paying excess data charges for as long as we can remember. At S$10.70 per extra GB incurred, we’ve been disgruntledly handing our money over, thinking there isn’t an alternative to the situation.

Surely, you're not going to sign up for a higher tier plan that costs S$20 more for that extra GB of data, along with more talktime or SMS that you don't really need.

You don't have to, because data top-up options exist. All three telcos in Singapore offeri data top-up options for those who've been regularly paying excess data charges. StarHub, however, is the only telco to not tie you to a contractual period like Singtel and M1 does. Which is great for commitment-phobes.

Supersize my data!

Previously, StarHub only offered a 1GB upsize option for S$8.56 a month. But since 4 April, it has quietly added two other upsize options - 2GB and 3GB at S$17.12 and S$25.68 per month respectively.

You’ll have to pay S$10.70 to activate the service and it’ll automatically roll over every month until you choose to cancel and return to the original data allocation you signed up for. But if you ever need that extra data again and want to activate the service, you’ll have to pay the activation fee again. So choose wisely.

Imagine, all the videos you can stream-watch on your commute with utter peace of mind without being hit with a stonking big bill at the end of the month. Just plan ahead, and you can save that little bit of money you really haven't had to hand over. It might be a difference of S$2.14 for an extra GB, but if you've regularly exceeded your cap for months, that can amount to quite a bit.

You'll just have to note that the data top-up and amount you have to pay will be pro-rated according to when you activate the top-up. That means if you activate the 1GB top-up mid-month, you might be getting around 500MB, pay about S$4.30 and the S$10.70 activation fee thereafter.

To sign up, you can either call the StarHub hotline at 1633 or walk in to any StarHub shops to sign up for this.