StarHub has started charging new and re-contracting customers for 4G service

M1 will follow suit by end 2014, while SingTel is keeping its 4G service complimentary until further notice
If you’re a new or re-contracted StarHub customer, you’re already paying for 4G

If you're a new or re-contracting StarHub customer, tough luck. Prepare S$2.14 per month if you'd like to enjoy 4G speeds on StarHub's network.

StarHub has started charging customers who are switching to its network for its 4G Speed Boost (aka the 4G value-added service) on the SmartSurf Lite, Value, Premium, and Elite plans as of 1 July.

And if you think it’s just a small sum to fork out to upgrade from the slower broadband you get from 3G, think again – this is just a promotional rate. The campaign will end on 31 December 2015, meaning it’ll then start charging the hefty full rate of S$10.70 per month.

StarHub’s been busy sending out text messages to its customers that are soon due for a re-contract, educating them on the change in costs. Don’t worry, if you opt out of it, there’s an unsubscribe option available, but if you don’t request it, StarHub will automatically slap you the added fee.

Making the move?

If you’re a new or re-contracted StarHub customer, you’re already paying for 4G

If you intend to switch to M1 to avoid paying for 4G services, hold on - M1 will be following suit from the start of next year for its new and re-contracting customers, pricing the 4G VAS at S$10.70. SingTel, for now, hasn't specified when it'll start charging for its 4G service yet.

StarHub’s been intending on charging customers for its 4G VAS for a while now. It last announced plans to make the change from June, but it was met with opposition from the Singapore Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) for existing customers under contract for 4G value-added services.

StarHub let the issue die down then, but considering that it’s the first of the telcos to come forth and announce the charge, it seems like that was just for the moment.

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