The Star Wars Disney hotel lets you live your rebel dreams

It'll be just like being in a Star Wars movie, except without the paycheque

Disney is planning a Star Wars themed hotel which promises to be a next level immersive experience.

360-degree fun

It is part of its Galaxy Edge area dedicated to Star Wars experiences and is called a "new form of Disney storytelling.

Imagine seeing aliens everywhere (just ignore the fact they're paid actors choosing this over being baristas) in the hotel, and the hotel is even letting you dress up like a character of the Star Wars universe. Each guest will even a storyline which Disney promises to "touch every single minute of your day", and windows will only show you views of space so guests can feel as though they're travelling in a spaceship.

Basically it's Westworld minus the murderous robots. It will be opening in Florida in Walt Disney World so Star Wars fans, start planning your trips to Orlando.

[Source: Disney,Techcrunch]