Soon, you can spice up your WhatsApp chats with new emojis

Say it in pictures with a new wave of emojis ranging from (scary?) clowns to delicious croissants

We've always wanted to reply to a message with shark bacon dancing man avocado emojis. Why? Just because we love to dabble with cute (if slightly odd) cartoon images.

Well, that nonsensical reply looks like a distinct possibility as the Unicode Consortium  (a non-profit agency created to promote international software standards) announced they would be releasing a new raft of emoji designs next summer.

Dubbed Unicode 9, the official list of approved icons will have an extra 38 approved designs that the tech-bods at Apple, Google and Microsoft can then use as inspiration for their ever-growing language of emojis. As well as the essential icons listed above, other proposed emojis include a creepy-looking clown, a Gotham-inspired bat, a very happy cowboy and an arm apparently taking a selfie.

Indeed, the visual language could be getting even larger with a further 14 icons, including a flat bread and a rhinoceros, also suggested as potential new additions from next August (view the full list here).

It’s clear that what first started off as a cute sign-off for Japanese students using pagers in the 1980s has now morphed into a bona-fide language, one that shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it's evolving so quickly some leading linguists have suggested that it could well be the fastest growing language in the history of mankind.

We welcome these new additions to the visual lexicon, after all, we know all about creating languages here. Give us due credit with our super-efficient Singlish that can summarize long sentences with a simple lah, leh, lor or hor. However, we are still not sure that these new emojis really satisfy our specific needs in Singapore. 

How can we truly present our joy after a good bit of chope-ing at the hawker centre without an emoji depicting a tissue paper packet?

Or that absolutely hurt look as we utter "BOJIO" when you're not invited to the party.

So don't say we bojio, we jio you to tell us which emoji you would like to see in the next update. Leave a comment below or share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

[Image source: memegenerator]