The Sony PlayStation 4 has just dropped in price

You’ll be able to get the basic standalone version for just S$539 from 1 October, amongst other things

This is huge: the PS4 is now S$100 cheaper at S$539.

The new Singapore price was just announced at Sony Computer Entertainment's press conference for Asia, which we attended firsthand just ahead of the Tokyo Game Show 2015. 

A price drop is never a bad thing, and this one is very good indeed. After all, you can buy over 30 packets of chicken rice with the amount of money you save. 

Dollars and sense

Will it trigger a price war in the console market? How will Microsoft respond with the Xbox One? Given how much better the PS4 is doing, common sense dictates it’s a good bet we’ll see something competitive from Microsoft soon.Sony will also be releasing the 1TB version of the PlayStation 4 for S$599 from 23 October.

A splash of colour

Accompanying this price drop will be some fresh colour options for the DualShock 4 controller, PS4 HDD Bay Covers, and PSVITA. 

Fancy Gold, Silver, Crystal, or Steel Black DualShock 4 controllers for your PS4? These four new colour options will be available by the end of October, with exact pricing and availability to follow shortly. From what we’ve seen, the Gold and Silver options are pretty straightforward, with the highlights being the gun-metallic Steel Black and translucent Crystal versions being the most striking. 

As for the PS4 itself, you’ll soon be able to get coloured HDD Bay Covers from 6 November to spruce it up somewhat. There are seven colours to choose from, so pick one that best suits your home decor, if you’re into that sort of thing. Price and exact date they'll arrive in Singapore is yet to be confirmed though.

Finally, the PSVITA will be available from 26 September in three new colours – Glacier White, Aqua Blue, and Neon Orange. 

Oh, and we also saw a Darth Vader emblazoned special edition Star Wars PS4 that will be part of the Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation 4 bundle on 17 November. Talk about a surefire way to sell more games/consoles.