Sony 4K, the next big thing for consumer TV?

New displays and tech could possibly change home entertainment as we know it

Big screens mean nothing if your media is all fuzzy, as most large display owners would testify. Potentially paving the way for bigger and badder screens sans the distortion are Sony's high-def 4K displays that would let you see the minute details on everything in screamingly sharp detail.

Big bad displays

However, Sony’s 4K tech itself isn’t exactly new, with the company producing 4K projectors a few years back. Last year we saw the launch of their 84” 4K behemoth display. In July the very same 55” and 65” 4K KD-X9004A Series displays were released in Singapore, making them a bit less crazy new. A fair amount of movies have already been recorded in 4K, including Oblivion, After Earth and Skyfall to name a few. High chances are if you’re an avid moviegoer you’ve probably already watched one of these without even realizing it was recoded in 4K.

The new displays both sport a much appreciated array of forward facing speakers, trading off extreme thinness for better sound quality, which in our opinion is one of the best things they could have done. While the environment for 4K is still pretty sparce, we're already seeing the slow upcrop of 4K supporting devices.

Four times better

Equivalent in resolution to an 8 Megapixel snapshot (that’s four times larger than 1080p to you and me) the whole setup has  beautiful colour reproduction thanks to  TRILUMINOS tech, and a much nearer viewing distance compared to typical LED TVs so you don’t have to put your couch at the other end of the hall just to watch Saturday night football. You can also upscale media up to 4K, directly from TV or any other portable video-capable gizmos if you feel thus inclined.

Sony’s re-releasing a bunch of remastered in 4K blu-ray titles which include classics like Godzilla and Ghostbusters to newer stuff like Total Recall and The Amazing Spiderman to tantalise your eyeballs. They’re also going to throw in complimentary remastered blu-ray discs for people who are picking up the displays so you’ll have plenty to watch from the get go.

While there’s no real local pricing yet, the hulking displays certainly don’t look cheap, but Sony says they are aiming to have their displays become widespread so we can probably expect some pretty competitive pricing to come.­