Solid proof of Singapore's bottomless appetite for data

Latest stats from Circles.Life show us pizza and data have something in common – give us more and we’ll eat more

Supply a demand and success will come your way.

For Circles.Life, it seems like that philosophy has rocketed it to considerable success in the short span of one year. Its pillars – exceptional customer service and loads of data – seem to be what the modern user wants, and it’s grown a solid base of loyal customers that's growing day by day.

Circles.Life caught everyone’s attention with its SIM-only plans, which meant tech-savvy consumers who knew where best to buy a phone wasn’t bound by contract and other conditions but could enjoy flexibility. They also made headlines with 20GB for S$20 Data Plus package, which was unheard of.

Thankfully, this exposed how ridiculously overpriced data was in Singapore, and pretty much every other telco gave it up and followed suit. It’s balanced up and we’re all better off now. 

What do the stats show us?

It’s also interesting to note that on average, Circles.Life customers are using twice as much data as users from any other telcos. We don’t know when these statistics were taken, nor the changes since the other telcos learnt to become more generous, but it’s easy to believe that the more we’re given, the more we’d freely consume - given how frequently we burst our data ceilings and incur painful costs. It's given us more room to surf, watch, download and work. 

Evidently, Singaporeans are extremely data-hungry and there's no questions we could do with even more. The spotlight turns to SIM-only plans as a solution to meet these demands.

From Qoo10 to Lazada, this nation of tech-savvy consumers isn’t short of avenues that get the products we want at low prices. With SIM-only plans, we’re able to enjoy greater flexibility in the phones with want and the exact models we want.

For the industry, it means less resources required to pull in these phones and a reduced need for physical stores. More resources can hence be channelled into the things that matter most to the modern consumer: good customer service and a gazillion gigabytes of data.

Of course, this means greater independence and effort, but if you want that sleek OnePlus 5 that isn’t in telcos, stop at nothing.