Sketch pictures with Ink Messenger to convey your SG50 message

Because words are just too old school, and a picture paints a thousand words

Words can’t express as much as visual imagery. Hence, why you’ve been seeing stickers, GIF and memes appearing in your messaging apps. So why bother with words? Just do away with them, sketch out what you want with your fingers and let the images do the talking.

Apparently, that’s what Ink Messenger does. This messaging app, developed by Singapore-based startup Social Ink, challenges your familiarity with what you know about messaging apps. You could say it’s similar to that once addictive word guessing game Draw Something, but this time, it’s purely for communication.

And there’s no keyboard to fall back on. Sketch or nothing, we say, and it’s really no different from handwriting. Which, we figure, adds a level of sincerity into your messages. Then, there’s also the option to draw your own stickers. So you can either grab an image off the web or take a photo and go nuts by creating your very own memes with a little sketch.

The app is launched in conjunction with Singapore’s 50th year of independence. Hence, why you shouldn’t be surprised to see an SG50 notice board in the app that gathers all the birthday wishes for the city state. So you might as well download the app and send your best wishes through the app. It’s not going to cost you a thing to get this app either.

Well, except for that few MB either on your iPhone or Android smartphones.

Download Ink Messenger for iOS here

Download Ink Messenger for Android here