SingTel's new and steeper mobile plans waive 4G payment in Singapore

The catch? You're actually paying a bit more per month but you also get unlimited Wi-Fi access at selected locations till 31 July 2015
SingTel's new mobile plans waives 4G payment in Singapore

SingTel will soon axe its existing Flexi mobile plans and replace them with six new Combo mobile plans. More importantly, it's also waiving any 4G charges for its new and existing subscribers.

True story. Even existing subscribers or those who re-contract before the new plans are activated won't be paying more for faster internet access on-the-go. Plus, you get more local talktime and SMSes with these new plans too.

In comparison to that, StarHub’s slapped a fee of S$2.14 per month for the 4G Speed Boost (a promotional price to end 31 December 2015), while M1 has waived its 4G VAS fees till the end of a promotional period of 31 December (the usual price is S$10.70).

The plans, to be introduced on 19 August, will also grant access to SingTel's high-speed Wi-Fi networks that claim to be faster than that of the Wireless@SG network. This gives subscribers a minimum of 2GB of Wi-Fi usage, which is available at underground MRT stations and more than 100 other crowded locationsThis number is expected to swell to about 1000 hotspots by March next year and 2000 hotspots by late 2015. 

But as a launch promotion, you'll get unlimited Wi-Fi usage at SingTel's predetermined locations from 19 August to 31 July 2015 at no extra charge. A S$10.70 charge per GB kicks in after the promotional period.

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Where's the catch?

SingTel outs Asia’s first Wi-Fi integrated mobile plans

While the whole deal sounds great, there's one point to note - new subscribers are going to pay at least S$3 more for the new Combo plans. Theoretically, this means the cost for the 4G service has also been factored (and unfortunately, forced) in. But for now, before the unlimited Wi-Fi data promo ends, subscribers get the better end of the deal with the additional Wi-Fi data bundle.

The win-win situation? If you're re-contracting before 19 August, you'll remain on the existing Flexi plans and won't have to pay for 4G speeds. That's the closest you'll truly get to a 4G waiver, and the only thing you'll miss (though not by that much) is the free Wi-Fi access for the next two years.

Do the new plans make SingTel a more attractive telco?  Drop us a comment below.

Additional reporting by Tein Hee Seow

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