SingTel’s launching a new fibre plan, and it’s one that will give you unfettered speeds

The Unlimited Fibre Plan will be any Internet junkie’s dream
SingTel’s launching a new fibre plan, and it’s one that gives you unfettered spe

If you sit most of your day connected to the Internet, heavily dependent on uploading or streaming content or playing games online, SingTel’s got something new you might be interested in; it’s launched a fibre plan that doesn’t throttle your downloads.

Called the 1Gbps Unlimited Fibre Plan, this new broadband service promises one thing – unrestricted peer-to-peer downloading services all day in a high-speed, high capacity broadband setting.

Basically, this means you’ll be granted the highest possible speed possible (up to 800Mbps for local connections 95 per cent of the time, according to SingTel) when you subscribe to this plan.

The telco service provider was quoted saying that it currently caps BitTorrent downloads on weekdays, during peak hours (between 7pm and slightly after midnight). And SingTel isn’t the only telco that does it; StarHub and M1 also partake in online traffic management to maintain a certain standard of performance for all their customers.

In addition, this new service will also enable you to use any type of router you please, including those that limit features like adjusting DNS settings, with the plan. 

The downside to it..

SingTel’s launching a new fibre plan, and it’s one that gives you unfettered spe

But, there’s also a downside to the offering. It won’t be able to support the current mioTV IPTV services because they require you to use a pre-configured router offered by SingTel. In this case, you can subscribe to a standalone mioTV service.

The new Unlimited Fibre Plan will set you back S$99.90, but SingTel’s reducing it to S$69.90 on a two-year contract for a limited period of time. MyRepublic is the only other service provider offering a service of a similar scale; its 1Gbps fibre service plan costs S$49.99 a month for regular users and S$59.99 a month for gamers

Also, it’s worth noting that SingTel will be scheduling installation dates from 19 September.

As a special bundle, SingTel’s offering the upcoming Asus RT-AC87U router (to be launched at Comex 2014) for S$299 (UP S$399) with a two-year subscription of the plan. In addition to that, you will get a 10 per cent discount on your mobile line, 25 per cent discount on VyprVPN, as well as a free Digital Homeline with unlimited local calls.

And SingTel will also throw in a S$200 handset discount and S$40 CapitaMall voucher if you sign up before 31 August. 

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