Is Singtel's DataX2 data doubling plan really worth it?

For S$5.90 a month to double your data bundle, the answer is a resounding yes

Here's the hard truth - the days of affordable 12GB data bundles are over. Well, unless MyRepublic really becomes the fourth telco and offers unlimited data from S$60.

But until that day happens, Singtel is probably your best bet at getting more data at a fraction of the original cost. In a surprise move (or maybe not so surprise in anticipation of MyRepublic's sudden announcement), the telco introduced a new DataX2 value-added service.

The name is self-explanatory but we'll still say it - you'll be getting two times your normal data bundle. That means if you're on a Combo 3 plan, which gives you 3GB of data, and sign up for DataX2, you'll get twice the amount of data, totaling 6GB.

The cost? A flat fee of S$5.90, regardless of which tier you've signed up. That means if you're on another higher plan that offers 4GB of data, it's 4 x 2, making it 8GB of data to burn through the month.

Considering that excess data charges cost S$10.70 per GB, this is a significant reduction in your monthly cost if you were to exceed your original data limit. Also, for S$5.90, you are actually getting more data than if you were to upgrade to a higher tier plan. In comparison, a Combo 3 plan with DataX2 would cost you S$48.80 for 6GB of data while a normal Combo 4 that gives you 4GB of data would cost S$62.90.

In short, it means you pay less to get more data. The only caveat is that you get less talktime and SMS quota, but really, who uses that nowadays?

And that's just the internal comparison within Singtel's plans. A cursory check for similar plans from StarHub and M1 shows the same cost saving of S$14 per month for more data.

Now, the only caveat for this DataX2 plan is the usual (and universally dreaded) two-year contract. However, this offer is only for new and re-contracting subscribers to Singtel, which would have already tied you to Singtel for two years, so it's really no biggie to stay in the red camp for the next two years.

On top of that, you'll also get to buy the latest smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge at a subsidised price.

We know a good deal when we see one, and this is it.