Singtel users, prepare yourselves for enhanced video and voice experiences

Singtel, together with Ericsson, embark on LTE broadcast and Wi-Fi calling trial

Sick of patchy video streams or voice calls? Not for long, since Singtel and Ericsson have just signed a partnership to work on Singapore’s LTE broadcast and Wi-Fi calling features.

As per the deal, the companies will undertake Singapore’s first voice over Wi-Fi calling trial. This essentially lets you Singtel subscribers make and receive calls using your home Wi-Fi or public Wi-Fi networks, experience seamless call handover between LTE and Wi-Fi, as well as faster call set-up times.

Since many of you users want anytime, anywhere access to your media on any device, this service could potentially be a key technology that enables the delivery of popular content, as well as relieve heavy traffic burden on operators.  

In addition, the first of the video delivery trials with LTE Broadcast has been scheduled for 5-16 June, at the 28th South East Asian Games. Think live broadcast of the sporting event on your smart device, at minimal cost to the network costs and efficiency.

If you’re wondering how this works, it’s basically based on Ericsson's Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) solution that enables an unlimited number of mobile users within a populated area to simultaneously stream this high quality content.

According to Singtel, this extends the coverage of its mobile services across Singapore. The company also addressed the importance of this trial, as it would serve as a valuable pilot for future deployment in other markets that it operates in.

It also highlighted the practicality of the LTE Broadcast technology in a market such as Australia for example, where live sports broadcast is extremely popular. Either way, it promises one thing – transforming your mobile-broadband experience.