Singtel offers mobile data waivers in light of fibre broadband outage

That’s your Saturday salvaged then

Singnet subscribers woke up this morning to the worst Saturday imaginable - a whole weekend ahead of them with no internet connectivity.

Singtel’s internet troubles begun early this morning and have lasted till now. As angry comments built up on their Facebook page, the telco released an update on their Facebook page to state that they’re still working to resolve the problem. And also, more importantly, that mobile data used by affected Singtel postpaid customers will be waived for the day. 

So at least you can now tether your laptop to your mobile connection and resume your weekend Netflix-ing. If you're on either StarHub or M1, tough luck, we hope there’s at least one Singtel user in your household.

What caused the outage? What are we going to do without our internet connection? Why couldn't this have happened on a regular workday instead? So many questions and yet, no internet to Google answers to them. Yes, we have reached peak first world troubles.