SingTel launches discounted data plans for seniors

With these special plans, grandma can finally go online and join Instagram
SingTel launches discounted data plans for seniors

We're pretty sure granny’s quite proud of all the discounts she’s been getting as a senior.

You might want to tell her about SingTel's new plans for senior citizens, it'll make her even happier.

Based on SingTel's existing SuperLite and Lite plans, the senior versions of these plans will offer 20% off the regular monthly charges to anyone that’s above 55.

On top of that, they don't pay a single cent for the Nokia Lumia 925 when they sign up for the Senior SuperLite plan, priced at S$22.32 per month. Alternatively, they can also get the Samsung Galaxy Ace LTE for free if they sign up for the S$31.92 per month Senior Lite plan.

Thankfully, you won't have to slowly explain every part of the plan to your grandparents. SingTel's providing free clinics in collaboration with NTUC U for seniors to learn how the plans work and how to check them.

Be warned, it's very likely that your grandparents will become more tech-savvy. Get ready to be bombarded by more messages and photos on WhatsApp.

Image: Technobuffalo