SingTel invests millions in high-speed Internet development

It will result in a trans-Pacific cable system between Japan and the US
SingTel invests millions for high-speed Internet development

SingTel’s ramping up its efforts to create a new cable system that addresses the increasing traffic demand for broadband, applications, mobile, content, as well as data exchange. And in doing so, it’s pumped US$300 million (S$375 million) to lay a trans-Pacific cable system.

What this will see is SingTel joining hands with Google and a handful of Asian telcos (like China Mobile International, China Telecom Global, Global Transit, and KDDI) to bridge a cable system between Japan and the US.

The network will specifically connect most of the main hubs across the west coast of the US, such as San Francisco, Seattle, LA, and Portland, to Chikura and Shima in Japan.

It’s said that this design capacity, named FASTER, will be the largest built across the trans-Pacific route, and when the network is complete, will be able to broadcast 60 terabits – the likes of some 12,000 HD movies – across the Pacific Ocean every second.

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Waht this means for you, is faster upload and download speeds, especially if you watch it from the likes of Apple TV. SingTel issued a statement claiming that the cable system that “represents the cable system’s purpose of rapidly serving traffic demands” will feature the most recent six-fibre-pair cable and optical transmission tech.

“It will facilitate the delivery of broadband-heavy applications, video, and content to meet the future needs of consumers and enterprises” SingTel Group Enterprise carrier services vice-president, Ooi Seng Keat, said.

SingTel’s also recently joined a consortium that enables it to build an underwater cable network connecting 17 countries including Singapore, Italy, France, and Saudi Arabia. It’s projected to be ready early 2016, while the new cable network’s expected to be complete by mid-2016.

If these cable networks do eventually connect, you'll be able to catch your shows almost immediately, from wherever in the world you are.   

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